Company History

Fields Roof Service was started in 1957 by Larry Fields. Larry’s vision was to provide customers with a means to prolong the lives of their roofs; and he provided that ‘service’ to clients in the extreme temperature ranges of Eastern and Western Washington.

Larry initially started selling ambient asphalt to school districts and industrial facilities for coating their existing roofs in order to prolong the life of their roofs.  Larry found that the facilities needed help and information preparing and applying the roof coatings.  He and his crew would work with the maintenance or facility employees and help them install the provided products and teach them how to perform roof maintenance.

In the late 70’s, Larry passed the business down to the salesmen/installers that had kept his business successful. Over the previous years, Larry had the vision to hire school teachers and college students during the summers to facilitate roof installations. A team of teachers who had worked in the Fife, Federal Way and Franklin Pierce school districts, lead the way for the success of the company. Scott Pepper and Tom Gilmer, initially career educators, took the reins of the company and lead it into the 21st Century. Since that time, Fields Roof Service, Inc. has continuously served the roofing needs of industrial, commercial and governmental buildings in all parts of the state.

With Scott and Tom’s guidance and mentoring, the torch was passed down to a third generation of partners who have all been with the company since the early 80’s (Dale Goeman, Gary Gilmer, Michael Mandelas, Terry Patnode).  The new partners, having all been installers, estimators and salesmen, have carried the company forward into new realms of roofing application. As the ambient-asphalt roof applications started to wane, we were the installers and salesmen that expanded the technical repertoire of Fields Roof Service.  We took the company into steep slope roofing, heat-welded applications and single-ply membrane applications which are the stalwarts of the roofing industry today.

Dale Goeman grew up on the street that Larry Fields lived on. He began mowing Larry’s lawn as a youngster and continued working for Larry at the shop through High School. He diligently worked his way into roofing and later into sales.  He has been a part of Fields Roof Service almost his entire life; and has never had to fill out a job application.  Michael Mandelas is the son-in-law of Scott Pepper. Michael’s wife was best friends since primary school with Terry Patnode’s wife. After Michael and Terry met, they became partners at Fields Roof Service in sales. During college at University of Puget Sound, Terry worked for Aztec roofing and became experienced in single-ply applications while it was still in its early stages in the Northwest. Terry’s experience in roofing and Michael’s experience as an educator, worked well together as they estimated and sold roofs as a team.  Michael, who graduated with a degree in education before joining Fields Roof Service, recently left the company to pursue his dream of priesthood. He is currently studying for a Masters in Theology at a seminary in Pennsylvania. Terry continued to oversee, train and develop new salesmen and estimators at the company.  His relationships with some of the larger clients at FRS dates back decades. Gary Gilmer, son of Tom Gilmer, started roofing in high school and continued in summers and breaks while attending Pacific Lutheran University.  Working through the summers with a crew of teachers was often taxing being a student, however looking back became a positive experience to say the least.  After a couple years into the ownership of the company, Gary Gilmer was promoted to the management position of Fields Roof Service. Gary currently is the General Manager and President of Fields Roof Service and Terry Patnode is the Manager of Sales and Estimating.

With almost sixty years in business, it has been important for us to keep focused on our client base.  We have many second generation clients that we do business with and we have seen the value of providing service and creating personal relationships with our clientele.  Our clientele base has requested us to perform work out of state and we now are licensed and have completed projects in Oregon and Utah.  Employee education has been another facet that we have focused on.  Providing safety and technical classes for our employees has been critical in keeping up with the changes in technology and our industry.  Fields Roof Service is a member of the Roofing Contractors of Washington, Western States Roofing Contractors Association, National Roofing Contractors Association, Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish County and the Better Business Bureau. Gary Gilmer also has been on the board of the Roofing Contractors Association of Washington.

Our mission as a company is quite simple:

“Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction, Roofing Excellence and our Employees”

We believe that these three ideas are the foundation needed to run a successful commercial roofing company; because without them, Fields Roof Service would not be the company that it is today.