Roofing Warranties

When you install a roof, one of the most important things to remember is that from the day the roof is installed, it starts weathering. Regardless of whatever you put on that roof, there is a deteriorating process that takes place.

All roofs require attention from time to time. All roofs should be constructed so that they drain properly. Unfortunately, many do not. So the result is ponding water that sits in certain areas on the roof most of the year. This in turn causes more rapid deterioration than normal. Therefore, these roofs need more attention than a roof that drains properly.

FRS has developed a maintenance program for our customers to get maximum life from your roof at a minimum of cost to you. Most of the time nothing is done to a roof until it is so deteriorated that it must be re-roofed or be completely torn off and a new roof installed. This is why FRS established a maintenance program so that the life of your roof can be extended.

Many times you are told by a roofer that a roof has an expected life of 20 years, or that a shingle product is a 40 year product. This is not a 20 or 40 year guarantee. Generally roofers guarantee for periods such as 2, 3, or 5 years for installation and materials. What this means in simple language is that he will respond to problems for that period with no additional cost to you for repairing leaks, etc. However, if that roof is modified, such as putting new equipment or new openings being cut in the roof without notifying the roofer so that he can reseal the roof properly, then that guarantee becomes void.

Before you have any roofer work on your roof, ask for references of customers he has previously done work for, number of years in business and does he practice sound business procedures, etc. Remember the roof is no better than the roofer who installs it and services it. At Fields Roof Service, we take pride in servicing our customers and resolving issues – whether they are roof related or not. We provide guarantees from manufacturer’s, but usually respond to the customer before a call to the manufacturer is needed.

If you have any questions about our guarantee, our ability to provide long-term warranties or would like a list of references – please contact us.