Aluminum Roof Coating Application, Roof Protection, UV Cured Coating

Applying aluminum reflective coating to a roof greatly lowers the amount of damage that occurs from the sun’s ultra-violet rays. The reduction in surface temperature lowers thermal stress and can increase a roof’s fire resistance rating.

Exposed asphalt membranes have a vulnerability to the sun’s radiation because of the absorption of practically all visible and ultraviolet light striking it. This can cause excessive surface temperatures, expansion and contraction, and a breakdown of the copolymer chains that keep the product from becoming brittle. Applying an aluminum reflective coating is giving your roof a solar defense.

The result is an aluminum shield which turns back more than 70 percent of the sun’s radiant energy and limits its penetration. The aluminum coating bonds to the asphalt roof, lowers the surface temperature thus reducing thermal stress and protecting the asphalt’s chemical stability.