Built Up Roofing Service via Asphalt or Emulsion built up roofing contractors

Built-up roofing asphalt system involves a process via roofers in which we apply several types of asphalt roofing shingles, tiles embedded in an asphalt or emulsion product. Built-up roofing system is time-proven and is a maintainable and efficient roof system. The application can be cost effective, easy to maintain, and is ideal for low-slope roofs.

Benefits of Built Up Roofing Services

Cold Applied Built-Up Roofing Information

Benefits of cold application include:

  • Eliminates hazard of burns for the applicators.
  • Eliminates hazard of fire and fumes from hot asphalt.
  • Reduces odors associated with hot applied materials.
  • Remove quality control problems associated with hot asphalt at the job site.
  • Rectify blisters between roofing layers.
  • Eliminates need for gravel surfacing and related weight problems.
  • Simplifies future roof maintenance.
  • Longer set time facilitates better application around roof penetrations and equipment.
  • Application of liquid product lowers installation costs.
  • Provides improved membrane flexibility.
  • Provides smooth base for energy-saving reflective coating.