Commercial Metal Roofing Service

Repairing and increasing the life of metal roofs is another specialty of FRS. From either localized repairs to complete guaranteed roofing systems, FRS can provide lasting solutions to an assortment of metal roof problems.

We can extend the life of your metal roof with a rubber or acrylic coating process. Elastomeric roofing coating provides a cost effective solution for many of today’s unusual roofing problems. Elastomeric roofing coatings feature superior elongation, tensile strength, UV ozone resistance and protection against salt spray, acid rain and contaminants present in everyday pollutants. They can provide a waterproof, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing result with a history of many years of satisfactory durability. The elastomeric product is thermally stable and is unaffected by temperature changes; exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and superb adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. The finished product is pleasing to the eye and has the ability to seal any exposed fasteners or gaps in the existing roof surface.