Roof Repair Seattle

Fields Roof Service is always on call to fix your roof emergencies, such as from leaks or storm damage. We also perform a preventative maintenance service in order to reduce the chance of having unexpected, unfortunate events occur during times of unexpected weather.

Would you drive your car with no regard for maintenance? Age and exposure to the elements inevitably cause roof deterioration and eventually roof failure. As a result creating a preventive maintenance program to resolve roof issues before they occur is critical to extend your roof’s life. Roof maintenance is required by roof warranties and significantly reduces emergency repairs. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your building and save you the cost of a full roof removal and replacement. FRS is also available when leaks or emergency roof repairs are needed. Leaking roofs can cause future structural damage, mold issues and recurring interior repairs in your building.

The maintenance services that Fields Roof Service provides include:
  • Cleaning loose debris off the roof, which is especially important for buildings with nearby trees or roofs with limited draining.
  • Closely examining drains for loose membrane or stress breaks that need repair.
  • Verifying that all downspouts are clear and have no obstructions.
  • Inspecting and repairing imperfections around penetrations (vent pipes, antennas, chimneys, electrical and gas conduits, etc.).
  • Examining mechanical units for missing covers, worn weather-stripping, holes or breaks at the base of the curbs or supports.
  • Inspecting walls and transitions for holes, stressed areas, wrinkles, and open seams.
  • Inspecting all coping metal for loose sections, broken sealant, open holes or missing fasteners.
  • Walking the entire perimeter of the building at ground level to check for drain or overflow problems.